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Are you ready to find peace after being ghosted?

Are you ready to move on, feel happy, and find yourself again?

Experience an interactive presentation and support by Gretta and special guest, Coach Estee K.

This workshop is for anyone who has been ghosted in any walk of life, and it's under an hour.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How to change your limiting beliefs

  • Why ghosting isn't personal

  • How to reframe your ghost story

  • How to re-align your priorities 

All this for only $29.99.

Change your story. Flip the script. Take your power back. 

"WOW… This is GOLDEN!!! This was such an amazing presentation... and the workbook, together with the healing video makes a powerful combination. The workbook itself did something powerful in helping me align my thinking. I highly recommend Take Your Power Back  to anyone who has been ghosted, regardless of the Ghosting timeline."  - Anonymous

Take Your Power Back after being ghosted

This workshop is not a substitute for seeing a licensed mental health professional. Please read the Medical Disclaimer for details.

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