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Been Ghosted? You're Not Alone. We've Got Your Back.


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The podcast and resources are a great light and inspiration for me! Grateful to find help in these hard times by someone who understands it all too well."


" I adore this podcast, who amongst us hasn't been ghosted?,” effuses Bacow. “The host, Gretta, is warm and wonderful and talks about her own experience with ghosting. While ghosting is a very specific experience, there are many mental health aspects of dealing with this type of rejection, and I recommend this podcast to all of my clients who have had this (unfortunately all too common) experience."


“I want to thank you. Your [Instagram] page has really helped me in the past week or so. I've been ghosted by someone I genuinely cared for and dated for almost 2 years.  I was so patient and hopeful despite every bs thing he did. Now everytime I start feeling horrible about myself and anxious or even angry, or start seeking answers from him, I go listen to your Podcast or read your pages. Thank you so much.”

Coping With Ghosting is a platform that provides hope and resources for anyone who has been ghosted. Our podcast features real-life, healing, expert advice on how to cope with the pain of being ghosted. Our mission is to help you heal and move forward with confidence. Join our community and let's navigate this journey together.


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Hey There!

I'm Gretta, and I was ghosted one too many times...

I don't want anyone to feel the way I felt after I was first ghosted, so I'm on a mission to help people navigate loss and heartbreak with hope and courage. I have a master's degree in communications, and am passionate about sharing easy and healing ways to cope with this silent epidemic.  

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