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Hope and Resources for Anyone Who Has Been Ghosted

"The podcast and resources are a great light and inspiration for me! Grateful to find help in these hard times by someone who understands it all too well."  - Anonymous

The Coping With Ghosting Podcast

Check out Coping With Ghosting on Apple, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen. Each podcast provides hope and soothing tips to help you feel better.

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Take Your Power Back Workshop

Are you waiting by the phone, desperate to hear from your ghost, or struggling after being ghosted? Want to regain control of your thoughts and feel more at peace?

If so, the Take Your Power Back Workshop is for you. Download it today.

Gretta from Coping With Ghosting

I'm Gretta, and I was ghosted one too many times...

I don't want anyone to feel the way I felt after I was first ghosted, so I'm on a mission to help people navigate loss and heartbreak with hope and courage. I have a master's degree in communications, and am passionate about sharing easy and healing ways to cope with this silent epidemic.  


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