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Coping With Ghosting Podcast

Check out the Coping With Ghosting Podcast, hosted by Gretta.   Each podcast is designed to provide hope and soothing wisdom that will help you feel better.

Listen to the podcast at any of the platforms below:







Amazon Music

"I thought I met someone wonderful, only to have them ghost me two months later. This stuff hurts, and sadly ghosting has become normalized behavior that affects legions of people. Very sad and cruel behavior. I’m happy there are resources to help with coping.

Thank you for your informative podcast." 


“I want to thank you. Your [Instagram] page has really helped me in the past week or so. I've been ghosted by someone I genuinely cared for and dated for almost 2 years.  I was so patient and hopeful despite every bs thing he did. Now everytime I start feeling horrible about myself and anxious or even angry, or start seeking answers from him, I go listen to your Podcast or read your pages. Thank you so much.”   -Anonymous


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