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Gretta of Coping WIth Ghosting



I'm Gretta, and I'm on a mission to help people navigate loss and heartbreak with hope and courage. I'm a mindset coach and I have a master's degree in communications.  My passion is sharing easy and healing ways to cope with the ghosting pandemic.

Since the young age of 12 I've been heartbroken by friends and significant others who ghosted me. As a result, I've felt alienated, hurt, angry, and confused. I blamed myself for being ghosted and spent months trying to figure out where I messed up. I questioned my self-worth, wallowed in self-pity, isolated, and had trouble trusting people.  


The more I was ghosted, the quicker I got over it. I began to accept the things I could not control. I learned that the act of ghosting is not personal. I discovered that hurt people hurt people, and I cultivated compassion for my ghosts. I forgave everyone who ghosted me. Most importantly, I developed rock-solid confidence.


I now know how to move through being ghosted in healthy ways, and I share these methods in my podcast, social media channels, group, and coaching sessions. The cornerstones of my work are kindness and compassion. I hope you join me in this journey.

Sending you warmth and comfort, 



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